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A Business Advisor vs. a Realtor - What Advantages We Can Provide

Business advisors and realtors are both professionals in their given sectors of industry, often overlapping duties during the acquisition of a business. But after the acquisition or sale of a business and its property, the commonalities cease to exist. Here are the key differences between a business advisor and a realtor, and why these differences should matter to you.

What is a Business Advisor?

A business advisor is an expert consultant, who specializes in providing information to business owners that assists them in effectively running their organizations. These professional business consultants work to identify problems, dissect issues, and resolve areas of concern in business dealings, to effectively help a business expand and grow.

What is a Realtor?

Here are the key differences between a business advisor and a realtor, and why these differences should matter to you.A realtor is a professional individual who performs as an agent of the sale or purchase of buildings or land, better known as real estate. Realtors include agents across a multitude of different real estate occupations, such as property managers, residential and commercial real estate brokers, and sales professionals.

When to Choose a Business Advisor Over a Realtor

The key difference that separates a business advisor from a realtor is the specialization of their services. Business advisors, or consultants, providing information across a wide range of business decisions and actions. Realtors represent the sale and purchase of land or buildings.

For business owners, understanding this difference is vital in the running of your business. Before contacting a realtor on the purchase or sale of land or building space for your business, you should consult a business advisor for buying a business advice. These professional consultants have experience in the realm of acquiring or selling real estate and can assist you in making a sound decision on whether or not a specific piece of real estate is worth your investment, or if a piece of land which you are selling has the potential to set at a higher price point.

Only after communicating and discussing your options with a business advisor, should you interact with a realtor on the possibility moving forward with the sale or acquisition of real estate. When purchasing real estate, a realtor works diligently to find you a property that will best serve the specific needs of your business.

The Advantages Transworld Can Provide as Your Business Broker

The professional consultants at Transworld Business Advisors of Minnesota serve as an effective business broker by uniting sellers and buyers. Transworld recognizes the continuing changes and challenges that purchasing or selling a business creates. As expert business brokers and advisors, we provide entrepreneurs and business owners with insight into business possibilities and opportunities that otherwise may have been overlooked.

For more information, or for further buying a business advice, talk with a Transworld consultant today.
Scott Hislop
Scott Hislop
CEO & Owner at Transworld Business Advisors | Business Brokers Helping Entrepreneurs Achieve Their Dreams and Goals Through the Complex Process of Buying or Selling a Business

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