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New Partnership Means superior Service


Sam Johnson and Scott Smith

Transworld Business Advisors of Minnesota is pleased to announce our partnership with Johnson 229 Real Estate, Inc. The partnership allows us to better serve our clients in the confidential marketing and sale of businesses and commercial real estate, including:

  • Confidential marketing and sale of businesses and commercial real estate
  • Business Broker Opinion of Value
  • Evaluate, Screen Buyers
  • Buyer's Representation (advise on acquiring business, financial analysis, due diligence, valuation, purchase agreement negotiations, closing process management).
  • Commercial Retail, Office, Industrial, Land, Apartments, Residential Multi-Family (2 to 4 units)
  • Commercial Investments Acquisition
  • Buyers Disposition
  • Sellers Leasing
  • Tenant Representation Leasing
  • Landlord Representation
  • Corporate Advisory Development
  • Property Management Consulting
  • Advisory Services

We are thrilled to provide Business Brokerage services to Johnson 229's clients.

Transworld Business Advisors of Minnesota develops key relationships with experts who get the job done for our clients. We are excited about this new opportunity to provide superior service for business owners looking to sell their property, facility, buildings and/or business.

Lauren Altschuler
Lauren Altschuler
I assist buyers and sellers of privately held businesses in the buying and selling process. We help value your business for the best price, advertise it confidentially to qualified buyers, handle buyer interviews, discussions, negotiations and facilitate the due diligence investigation and the sale of the business.

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