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Looking To Buy a Business? Why Doing A SWOT Analysis Is A Great Way to Analyze the Current State of Business

One of the most useful tools to examine the current state of a business and where it might go in the future is to do a SWOT analysis. Let’s examine why.

NDAs: Why They Are Needed?

A non-disclosure agreement, or NDA, can be a very valuable document during the purchase or sale of a business. Perhaps someone has brought up the idea of drawing up an NDA during your current negotiations to purchase or sell a business, and it left you wondering if one is really necessary. Our opinion is that it is, and here's why.

Business Ownership: Evaluating Projected Cash Flow

For a lot of new business owners, and those looking to buy a business, the uncertainty of what the future holds can be a source of great anxiety. But what if we told you that there was a tool you could use to help you predict future problems so that you can do something about it before it happens?

Considering Your Long-Term Goals with a Business Investment

Purchasing a business is a very big decision. It can be among the most significant investments you will make in your life. For that reason, it's crucial that you are absolutely certain that it will deliver on your expectations as an investment and that it meshes with your own long-term goals. To see if it passes the litmus test, ask yourself these questions.

Small Town Businesses and Customer Loyalty: Why It's Important

Every company, no matter its size, can draw a direct correlation between how successful it is and how large and engaged its customer base is. Understanding that, you might believe that businesses located in larger towns or cities have an advantage over small town businesses because they have a larger population pool to draw from.

Tips for the Transition Period When a Business Sells

The way a business transitions from one owner to the next can have significant repercussions for its future success. Could you imagine what might happen if, upon completion of the sales transaction, the seller handed the keys to the buyer and, with a “good luck”, simply walked away? So much knowledge, insight, and history would also be going right out that door.

Figuring Out Your "Why" For Business Ownership and Putting Your Dreams into Action

The idea of running a business is appealing to you, and it's easy to understand why. Business ownership means independence, being the master of your own destiny, and it can create a greater sense of freedom. But knowing that you want to have your own business isn't enough; you need to have clarity on what your dream business looks like so that you can take the necessary steps to turn it into reality.

What to Keep in Mind When Inheriting Personnel/Employees with Buying an Existing Business

After countless working hours dedicated to purchasing a business, it’s time to start considering the events that will happen soon after the purchase is completed. Sometimes, along with buying an existing business, you automatically inherit the employees and individuals who now work for you.

What You Should Know If You Buy a Business

Diving into the world of business ownership takes guts, skill, and the ability to successfully carry out a well-developed business plan. But chances are, as an entrepreneur, you’ve got a lot of professional obligations already on your plate. The decision to buy an established business allows you the freedom to own and operate an organization that has already established itself in its community.

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