Listing Details:

  • Business Category:  E-Commerce
  • Revenue:                   $92,300
  • Price:                          $20,000
  • SDE:                           $6,246                  
  • Support & Training:   Four Weeks       
  • Reason for Selling:   Relocation
  • Years Owned:             2                             

Business Description:


Multi-channel (Amazon, E-commerce, Wholesale) Organic Skin Care Brand with close to $100K in annual sales.  This is a six-product brand of clean, organic skincare formulated with premium ingredients including the sought-after Immortelle Essential Oil, renowned for healing and anti-aging properties.  

100% clean and organic product made in small batches in the USA from premium ingredients.


Owner took the business over in May of 2020, before deciding to move to Europe to be closer to family.

Competitive Analysis:

Established Amazon listings with 862 reviews (4 stars) and Amazon storefront.  Shopify website with reviews and Omnisend integrations.


  • 2x URLs (;
  • Shopify website and all content
  • Email list (1,395 total contacts, 683 email subscribers)
  • Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest accounts with followers and content
  • Instagram: 696 followers, Facebook: 72 followers, Pinterest: 711 monthly views
  • Amazon account with all listings history and storefront
  • Logos, icons, wordmarks
  • Packaging artwork
  • Product sources, packaging sources
  • 3PL – with nominal flat fees – all variable order based costs (Texas)
  • Product photography
  • Product videos
  • TV segment videos
  • “Your spokesperson” video
  • 38 blog posts
  • 100+ emails that can be recycled
  • 300+ “evergreen” social media post visuals that can be recycled
  • Share-A-Sale account

Opportunities for Growth:

  • Drive traffic to website by increasing social media, Google ads, and SEO

  • Add bundles and upsells
  • Use targeted promotions
  • Incorporate email campaigns
  • Add proactive review requests to Amazon orders
  • Improve Amazon TACoS (total advertising cost of sale)
  • Expand product assortment
  • Add videos
  • Increase retail distribution


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