Listing Details:

  • Business Category:    Construction   
  • Price:                             $658,000
  • Gross Revenue:           $1,905,961
  • SDE:                               $345,764
  • Seller Financing:          $65,800
  • Employees:                   7
  • FF&E:                             $100,000 FMV
  • Location:                       Minnesota Lakes Region
  • Support & Training:      8 weeks
  • Non-Compete:                200 miles for 20 years
  • Reason For Sale:          Retirement
  • Years Owned:                35

Business Description

Licensed, full-service company offering customized steel buildings also known as post frame construction. Services include designing your building project, site preparation consultation, coordination of material delivery and erecting your building with our crew. High quality materials and superior workmanship deliver successful building projects!

Business History

35 years serving residential, agricultural, and commercial markets.


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