Listing Details:

  • Business Category:           Pharmaceutical
  • Price:                                          $ 11,000,000
  • Location:                                  USA
  •  FF&E:                                          $1,563,161
  • Reason for Selling:             Retirement

Business Description:

This low to mid scale pharmaceutical testing facility is fully staffed and certified for FDA test projects. The facility is specifically designed for FDA trial projects and is strategically located in a high tech medical industrial park with tight electrical and HVAC specifications. The facility is sized for significant manufacturing growth if desired.

The testing company comes complete with current external contract testing projects and with the company’s own multiple product line tests in various stages of licensing with one product scheduled for FDA approval in 2021.

Competitive Analysis:

This company’s scale and focus allows for several competitive advantages over the larger competition:

  • Lower cost of testing
  • Faster response and flexibility
  • Excellent follow-through

The expandable facility is extremely cost competitive compared to new construction with the same specs.

Growth Potential:

Current testing staff capacity could double existing contract testing projects if desired, and the facility size could handle and additional doubling of test projects with additional personnel. If desired, manufacturing profits could be garnered with minimal manufacturing equipment investment, allowing for testing and manufacturing in the same facility for optimum FDA approval efficiency.


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