Listing Details:

  • Business Category:     Miscellaneous
  • Price:                            $599,000
  • Gross Revenue:           $120,889
  • SDE:                              $91,893
  • Location:                    Twin Cities
  • Employees:                  1
  • Support & Training:    4 weeks 
  • Reason for Selling:         Retirement


Business Description:

Not your ordinary industry. This is FUN!

This business operates less than half a year but still generates a nice income and has room for growth. Between June and September, the owner Generally works less than 3 hours a day moving and setting up his stages between events. The stages are small enough to be moved and staged by one person in an hour or less but you can write into the contracts with your clients that they provide a helper or two. The owner does not need to be present while the event is underway.

If you are ready to escape the ordinary and enjoy a true lifestyle business, we encourage a closer look.


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