Listing Details:

  • Business Category:  Recreational                                                       
  • Price:                        $3,650,000
  • Gross Revenue:        $17,035,644
  • SDE:                           $2,443,236
  • Seller Financing:       $800,000
  • Location:                    Twin Cities
  • Employees:                11
  • Support & Training:   6 weeks 
  • Reason for Selling:    Retirement from Industry


Business Description:

  • Started in 2006
  •  Specialty Motorized RV Dealer.
  • $4mil in inventory not included in price
  • On track to exceed 2021 sales with deposits on over $16,000,000 in units.
  • Well staffed service department.

Deal Outline:

The owner is willing to accept a down payment of only $2,850,000 with a performance earn out on an additional $800,000 over 2 years. Additionally, the owner is willing to stay on for up to two years IF that is what is of value to the buyer.


This dealership moved to their current facility, which is on a route well know to RV dealers back in 2012. Past three years have shown sales growth and 2022 and now 2023 are looking to be very strong years as well.


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