Listing Details:

  • Business Category:   Financial Related
  • Price:                                     $170,000
  • Gross Revenue:             $243,307
  • SDE:                             $154,929
  • Seller Financing:         $17,000
  • Location:                      Northfield, MN                                 
  • Employees:                  2 part time
  • Support & Training:     4 weeks
  • Reason for Selling:     Retirement
  • Non Compete:            100 miles for 10 years

Business Description

We have an attractive business offering located within 30 minutes of the Twin Cities Metro in Minnesota. The business is a check cashing operation and is currently owner operated with the help of a part-time staff. The business currently has a client mix of both businesses and individuals who have the need for immediate check cashing. The current location is in “door city” to the larger metropolitan area nearby which adds convenience for its clientele and is in a location where there is little competition. The business not only has a long standing in the community but high report with its long-term clients.

The perfect buyer for this business would be a currently active business owner in the same vertical looking to expand or an individual looking to work for themselves. The time constraints of the business are 5 days a week and open a few hours on Saturdays.


  • Solid history of business success and cash flow
  • Simple business model
  • Local following
  • Repeat customer base
  • Attractive and affordable lease





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