Listing Details:

  • Business Category:      Restaurant
  • Price:                                   $165,000
  • Gross Revenue:              $1,388,901
  • SDE:                                   $19,579
  • Seller Financing:           $99,000
  • Location:                           SE Minnesota                                    
  • Support & Training:    4 weeks
  • Reason for Selling:       Retirement
  • Non Compete:                 20 miles for 10 yrs  

Business Description

Discover an exceptional opportunity with this confidential listing for a well-run Hibachi/Sushi restaurant located in Southeast Minnesota. Situated in a prime location, this establishment has built a strong reputation for its delectable cuisine, captivating and entertaining dining experience, and loyal customer base. With a well-designed layout and an inviting ambiance, this restaurant offers a profitable venture for discerning buyers seeking a well-put-together culinary business. The business is operated by a dedicated team, ensuring smooth operations and customer satisfaction.

Growth Opportunities

This Hibachi/Sushi restaurant holds immense growth potential for ambitious entrepreneurs. The local area is experiencing a surge in demand for unique dining experiences, making it the perfect time to capitalize on this trend. Exciting growth opportunities include expanding the restaurant's marketing efforts to reach a wider audience, introducing catering services to cater to special events, and exploring partnerships with local businesses for cross-promotion. Additionally, implementing online ordering and delivery services can tap into the growing demand for convenience.


  • Hibachi/Sushi restaurant in Southeast Minnesota
  • Prime and attractive location with strong visibility and a captivating dining atmosphere
  • Established a reputation for exceptional cuisine and a loyal customer base
  • Operated by a dedicated team, ensuring seamless operations and customer satisfaction
  • Expansive growth opportunities to capitalize on the increasing demand for unique dining experiences

    Note: Due to the confidential nature of this listing, interested parties are required to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) to receive additional information.


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