Listing Details:

  • Business Category:    Aviation / Charter Tour Airline
  • Price:                                     $1,100,000      
  • Location:                     Minneapolis, MN /     
                                         Fort Lauderdale, FL

Business Description

This was a unique opportunity to own a private air charter business offering service in South Florida, the Caribbean, Cuba, the U.S. and Canada. The business had seasonal bases in both Minneapolis, MN and Fort Lauderdale, FL. Passengers  enjoyed premier business terminals in both cities where you can park your car and be airborne in minutes.

The plane: The King Air 200, was included in the offered purchase price. From short, unimproved runways to big city airports the King Air 200 represents the perfect balance between speed, luxury, practicality and efficiency.


The owner and operator founded the company 16 years ago. He originally started by catering to sportsman’s fly-ins to remote U.S. and Canada destinations. The business then moved into the Florida market which was an added lifestyle benefit as the owner headed towards retirement. 


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