Listing Details:

  • Business Category:    Finance & Insurance                       
  • Location:                      MN
  • Employees:                  14 
  • Reason for Selling:     Retirement           
  • Non Compete:             50 miles for 5 years     
  • Years Owned:                      30+

Business Description:

This successful company provided programs, products, and services to auto dealerships (independent and franchised), daily rental vehicle operators, vehicle leasing businesses, auto repair, and body shops nationwide.

Some of the positive attributes about this company was that they help their clients become more profitable, more competitive, increase sales, and boost client retention.

Company staff consisted of experienced executive management, onsite technical support staff, licensed insurance agent in 50 states, insurance claims staff, corporate accounting and client representatives.

Company programs were managed by in-house software, data management practices, a well-crafted website, and ongoing staff that supports their clients. 

Business History:

Company has been in business over 30 years     


  • 14 Full Time 
  • President & management in place
Owner Roles and Hours
  • Owner was the CEO and worked less than 20 hours per week in the business


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