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The Best Way to Become Your Own Boss: Buy a Business

posted by: Scott Hislop
Nov 15, 2016 5:25:00 PM

Buying a business is perhaps the most surefire way to become your own boss. Why? Because as the owner you are the key decision-maker, instantly becoming the head of a company. It’s less about climbing the corporate ladder and more about finding your own ladder. Do you want to be your own boss? Let’s talk about it.

Become Your Own Boss

The Best Way to Become Your Own Boss: Buy a BusinessAs you move toward the decision to go from employee to entrepreneur, remember to enjoy the process. To many, business ownership makes up a big portion of the American dream. Becoming your own boss can mean setting your own schedule, delegating tasks, setting priorities, and steering your business toward success.

I’d be doing you a disservice if I didn’t acknowledge that all the joy and freedom that comes along with buying a business also comes with responsibility. As someone with decades of business ownership under his belt, I’ve been there.

Before You Buy a Business

Now, I’m in the business of helping others buy and sell businesses. When it comes to first-time buying, I find it’s usually a combination of the responsibility and the uncertainty that cause people to second guess themselves. Don’t get me wrong, business ownership mixes well with risk-takers, and I’d venture that if you’re thinking about becoming your own boss, you have it in you. 

At the most basic level, becoming an entrepreneur involves a shift in thinking. You’re deciding on the type of responsibility you want to have, and then you do what it takes to make it happen. Throughout the process, never lose sight of your interests and your passions. Those things you’re naturally good at can combine with future opportunities much easier than some may think.

Making Entrepreneurship Happen

Before investing your hard earned money, invest some of your time. Start learning the lay of the land and looking at how business ownership happens. The best place to start is by laying out your goals, interests, and passions. Then, it’s about locating an industry or opportunity where those things that are most important to you are simultaneously what leads to a successful business.

If you need a place to get started, we’ve created an all-in-one guide detailing the steps toward business ownership. Download your free copy by clicking below.


Manufacturing; Injection Mold; Medical; Automotive

This manufacturing business has been built on customer satisfaction, on time delivery, skilled work force and excellent process in their manufacturing. View Listing 

2 Gas-C-Stores/W. Central MN/on U.S. Hwy

Two (2) Well established Convenience Stores in West Central Minnesota includes ~2200 square ft store on Highway/City lot and ~1800 square ft store on Highway/City. Stores are 17 miles apart. View Listing 

Trademarked Product Lines With Retail Channels

This company’s established product lines provide simple solutions to solve cord and cable storage needs. Over 50,000 units have been sold to contractors and tradesmen, utilities, law enforcement, military, fire departments, farms, homes, and industry. View Listing 

Electrical Contractor Res/Commercial in Twin Cities

This long established and consistently profitable electrical contractor serves the residential and commercial segments with electrical expertise in new construction, remodel, and repair service. It has been consistently, fully staffed with long tenured master and journeyman certified electricians, as well as apprentices. View Listing 

Delicious Unique Healthy Snack Product Lines

Here is a chance to add a new product line to your food business. This established, healthy snack product has been developed, complete with marketing channels, and the brand is ripe for the successful buyer to grow. View Listing